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strong gravitational lensing

Page history last edited by Gustavo Yepes 9 years, 4 months ago

Lead: Hareth


Brief summary of the previous analyses done by Jesus Vega during the nIFTY cluster workshop.


- Object analyzed: CL19 @ z ~ (0.0, 0.4, 1.0)


- Codes analyzed:

     AREPO (DM-original and NR-original)

     Gadget-2X (dm_512 and adiabatic_rerun)

     Gadget-X (dm_512)

     Gadget-X (S-ArtCond and S-Std)

     Gadget-OWLS (DM-original and NR-original)

     Gadget-Magneticum (DM-original and NR-original)

     Gadget-SPHS (DM-original and NR-original)

     Windy_Gadget (dm_rerun_512 and adiabatic_rerun_512)

     MUSIC (DM-original and NR-original)


 - Analysis and comparison between codes:

     1. Surface mass density profiles along various line of sights (100 random orientations)

               - Dependency with the angle between the major axis and the l.o.s.

     2. Projected masses and concentrations by fitting the surface mass density by a NFW model.



Here is a zip file with the plots made  so far:


- /profiles/CL19_proj_all_adi_z_***: surface mass density profiles for the ADIABATIC simulation considering DM+GAS

- /profiles/CL19_proj_dm_adi_z_***: surface mass density profiles for the ADIABATIC simulation considering only DM

- /profiles/CL19_proj_dmonly_z_***: surface mass density profiles for the DM only simulation.


**Color coding indicates the angle between the line-of-sight and the direction of the mayor axis (red: angle < 20deg; orange: 20deg < angle 45deg; yellow: angle > 45deg).

**Each lines represent each projection from a total of 100 projections along the line-of-sight.


- /profiles/stacked/CL19_sigma_z_***: stacked surface mass density profiles. Comparison between DM only and ADIABATIC simulations

- /profiles/stacked/CL19_sigma_dm_diff_z_***: differences in the surface mass density profiles between DM only and ADIABATIC simulations (only DM particles)


- /fit_params: I show the relations between (M_sigma / M_NFW), (M_sigma / M_200 ) and (c_sigma / c_NFW). M_NFW and c_NFW are the spherical mass and concentration estimates from the best-fitted of the spherical mass density profiles to a NFW model, while M_sigma and c_sigma are the best-fitted parameters to the surface density profiles. M_200 is the “true” viral mass derived by interpolating the mass profile at an overdensity 200 times the critical density. The fit to the profiles were performed assuming the same overdensity.



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