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Author Policy

Page history last edited by Alexander Knebe 9 years, 3 months ago

Author Policy


We adopt an inclusive approach to paper authorship, with the proviso that all authors must conform to standard ethical practice and to have at the very least read the paper they are signing as an author.


We agreed that the following people should be offered authorship on any paper emerging out of the workshop:


  • The project lead and all people who actually did work on the project (at the discretion of the project lead)
  • Anyone who's data was used for the project
  • Workshop core team (Chris Power, Weiguang Cui, Lyndsay Old, Madhura Killedar, Alexander Knebe, Frazer Pearce)


The lead author should normally be the person who writes the paper, after that the author order is at the discretion of the project lead but would normally be alphabetical.


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