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Page history last edited by federico.sembolini@uam.es 8 years ago

Workshop Projects



project  lead  participants  comments 
full physics paper Federico Sembolini everyone paper II in the comparison series presenting the full physics runs  (last version: 22 Feb 2016)
effects of baryons  Weiguang Cui  Federico Sembolini, Gustavo Yepes
Paper (draft) uploaded to paper.pdf  (updated version 15 Dec. 2015)
substructure  Pascal Elahi    Paper on subhaloes/galaxies in nIFTy Cluster 00019 almost finished
black holes  Stuart Muldrew/Rob Thacker  Qin Fei
weak gravitational lensing  Madhura Killedar  Hareth Mahdi, Pascal Elahi, Jesus Vega   
strong gravitational lensing Hareth Mahdi
Pascal Elahi, Madhura Killedar, Jesus Vega
galaxy dynamics  Lyndsay Old  Matt Owers, Katherine Harborne, George Woodhouse
ICL Weiguang Cui  Chris Lidman, Sara Brough, Madhura Killedar, Dan Taranu start with simulated images... 
X-rays  Matt Owers  Weiguang Cui, Elena Rasia, Veronica Biffi start with simulated images...  
SZ  Federico Sembolini  Gustavo Yepes  start with simulated images...  
BCG @ z=0 Sara Brough     
BCG evolution  Stuart Muldrew     
BCG: SAMs vs FP  Daniel Cunnama  Pascal Elahi   
Orbits: environment  Matt Owers Pascal Elahi   
Orbits: phase-space  Lyndsay Old    
Orbits: pre-processing  Pierluigi  Cerulo Frazer Pearce   
Orbits: transformations  Daniel Cunnama  Simon Deeley, Michael Drinkwater  

Baryon Distribution in

cluster outskirts.

Chris Power
  How is gas coming into the cluster? What is the temperature structure and likely magnetic field structure? How detectable is this likely to be? 
Substructure in wider region   Jake Arthur Frazer Pearce, Pascal Elahi, Meghan Gray, Alex Knebe

Repeat analysis from substructure paper out to 6Mpc. Contrast galaxies not in cluster with those in the cluster



For anything that requires projections,

start with x-y, x-z, y-z, and projections along the axes of the inertia tensor.

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